Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

i just luv when mugs look so downtown…



        Aren’t these the cutest things you have ever seen?!

This is an amazing gift idea! For our friends in the neighborhood we went and got a bunch of plain white coffee mugs and the ingredients for hot cocoa and I went to town making them super cute! It makes you feel all warm and toasty inside even on the coldest of winter days!

What makes them even better is how easy and affordable they are to make! ❤

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The New Year Without Basil the muse of Curatordog*

A new year has begun for the West and has yet to begin for the East.  The Year of the Snake draws to an erratic and icy weather end creating more travel havok and soon we will be welcoming the Year of the Horse.  I’ve noticed more unicorns on the market a version of the horse perhaps.

I like the concept of purging or getting rid of the bad via cleaning the home, organizing and observing our minds and patterns of thought.  We create this clearing to welcome in all the good luck available to us for the new year.  Traditionally fireworks were considered a way to rid all of the bad luck right before we brought in all the good luck.

Did you know that sushi rice means sweet rice.  It has that great taste because of the sugar and the vinegar added.  I luv Asian food and find it a great way to begin the year of the horse – besides using my unicorn salt and pepper shakers…

Numerology wise 2014 is a 7.  Ommm.  Now that’s something to meditate about.

*About the title. He lives in my heart and somewhere in the spirit of this blog as well.

redy get set go – there goes time

well time keeps on changing its’ vibe – 4 the new year I feel like dashes of electrical brights – fuschas, lemon yellows, neon orange, bright green, electric blue and bold fun lines, cubes, and circles.

Fresh cut flowers like daffodils in vases near the cut holly and evergreens.

I want lighter foods again a return to spinach salad with tangerines , sashimi or shrimp with cocktail sauce (Homemade).

I want plum wine.  If u r in the mood buy one of the funny wines named arrogant French Frog or little black dress – think who u r sharing it with – they will get the hint…

I will be toasting the new year with plum wine the taste goes with all the fun bright colors.  I want 2013 to pop – my resolution – think further outside the box.. What box? Yes that far outside… Easy on the labels we give others- easy on the ones we give ourselves- just stay in amazement…